better beef

because we care

Pasture-raised in the Yakima Valley, utilizing diverse vegetation & managed intensive grazing


2-3 month out for orders


$5.10 hanging weight


$5.25 hanging weight

from seed

to plate


hand selected

replacement heifers, with a focus on tenderness, marbling &
calving ease through dna testing


use of

tracking software

for pasture-to-plate tracing to improve herd manageability & overall quality assurance


Locally processed

usda inspected in odessa, wa



grain finished without hormones or antibiotics

Galloway Cattle Co. LLC was started with the mission of raising & finishing cattle to provide quality beef to our neighbors & community.

In alignment with our goals, we utilize DNA testing in an effort to improve our herd's genetics & we specifically select replacement heifers based on maternal & carcass traits in the DNA markers.

Because a quality dining experience is the most important factor in our finished beef product, we select heavily for marbling and tenderness in both our heifers & bulls.

By using artificial insemination and single-pasture breeding, we are able to influence the genetic traits of our herd's next generation.

your best local beef

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